Are you ready for love?

Cặp này không đứng đầu cuộc bình chọn “Cặp đôi đẹp nhất trong phim Vương Gia Vệ” (đứng đầu là cặp TonyLeslie – -“), với lại cũng không được nhắc đến nhiều… Nhưng Maggie là một trong những diễn viên cặp với Leslie mà mình thích nhất :”}

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  1. Mol,
    Catch this site : Read the entry on “Roger cried…” and watch the video. I cried like hell.

  2. Mol,

    Have you been to my blog?
    Do you have any idea how to create a new lay out?
    This time, i want to potray sumthing about GorGor.

  3. Sorry, I don’t use blogspot, so no idea for creating new layout at this site…

    About the song “Chase”… It’s my favorite of Leslie’s songs. When I heard this song and found the English translation of the lyric, I thought that Leslie sang this song for his lover…

    And more, Leslie’s like an angel, I mean – He’s so innocent, that’s why his friends like him so much :”)

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